Cheque for under 16’s

Councilor Shirley Polmounter very kindly presented a cheque for £250 to the team before their match.

The money was donated by Restormel Borough Council.

The team went on to beat Gloster Jets 69 to 43. They are now second in the South West Conference.


The men’s game was cancelled, as the visiting team were unable to travel due to sickness.



Mike Parsons Benifit Match

Mike was recently hospitalised after being knee’d in the stomach during a League Match, He was later diagnosed with a ruptured pancres and will be unable to finish the season.The day started off at 13.00pm at Penryn College, We had several of the players from each of the 3 Cougars Teams attend the day. Mike was realeased from hospital to attend the event and was quite please to throw the jump ball to start the match between the Mixed Cougars & Penryn Saracens. During the day we managed to raise just short of £300.


U16’s vs Plymouth

Men vs Bognor Pirates

Our first game was against the Plymouth Raiders, the boys went out on an early lead, they continued this to bring the score to a white wash of 93 - 23. The second game of the day started off with the Pirates leading until the half-time, during the second half the Men came out a different team and brought the score to another win of 81-74. Overall a successful day.



Marjohn Cannons (Cup)

On Sunday our Cornwall Mens team were drawn agains the Marjohn Cannons Division 2 Team in the 1st round of the National Cup. The Cougars were successful in beating the Cannons 80-79. Our next Cup Game will be against the Taunton Tigers on October 19th at Taunton, we are currently trying to book a coach to take a big group of supporters. For more information please contact: cornwallcougars@hotmail.co.uk



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Under 16's
Rear Left to Right:
Mike Parsons, Dave Tremaine, Mark Thomas, Jon Richards,
Ash Engledow, Jason Bosley, Nathan Hayes, Jeff Garside

Front Left to Right:
Adam Davey, Andy Cummins, Stephen Vaughan,
Aaron Chan, Rich Gilling, Carl Roberts
Rear Left to Right:
Rich Gilling, Chris Lane, Mael Gallagher, Quinn Godwin, Jamie Hudgell, Chris Green, Harrison Knott, Jake Gladwell

Front Left to Right:
Nathan Pang, Ben Delaney, Shaun Lancaster,
Neal Adams, Jacob Cleverly
Under 16’s